Lily Allen is coming after Warner Music after they allegedly did nothing when she came forward with claims of a sexual assault in 2016.

In a new interview with BBC’s “The Next Episode” podcast, the singer, 34, reveals she recently met with Warner CEO of recorded music Max Lousada and discussed the alleged attack.

Allen first came forward with her story in her 2018 memoir My Thoughts Exactly.

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According to Allen, she and Lousada met up after the book was published and he told her he had no idea about the incident until he read about it. That’s when “Next Episode” host Miquita Oliver asked: “Did he say, ‘Now that we know, boy are we going to do something about it?’”

Allen simply replied, “No.”

While she detailed the attack in her book, she recalled the incident while taping the podcast episode.

“This person crossed a line. I had been at a party. He was in a position of responsibility, I guess, and so he got me out of this party and he decided that he wanted to take me back to my hotel,” Allen explained.

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Adding, “We got to my hotel. I couldn’t find my room keys. So he was like, ‘Well, why don’t you sleep in my bed while I go and get the keys or whatever.’ So I passed out in his bed. The next thing I knew I woke up and he was in my bed naked slapping my bum, trying to insert his penis into my private parts.”

And years after the incident, Allen says she knows exactly why nothing was done, “I know what the music industry is and I know what’s it’s about and it’s not about protecting artists. It’s about protecting big powerful men in positions of influence.”

In a statement, Warner Music said: “These allegations from 2016 are appalling. We take accusations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously and investigate claims that are raised with us. We’re very focused on enforcing our Code of Conduct and providing a safe and professional environment at all times.”

Following Allen’s remarks on “The Next Episode”, Lousada released his own statement, clearing the air about Warner Music’s involvement.

It reads in part, “I want everyone to know that we take allegations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously, and in situations where they’ve been made about Warner employees, we’ve quickly investigated and taken action. The BBC piece does not say that the person involved is our employee and we understand that he wasn’t and isn’t.”

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