Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are honouring their Beatles bandmate, John Lennon.

McCartney and Starr are covering Lennon’s “Grow Old With Me” in Starr’s album What’s My Name. “Grow Old With Me” was one of the final songs written by Lennon before his death in 1980. It was posthumously released on the 1984 album Milk And Honey.

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Starr sings and plays the drums on the cover while McCartney plays bass and provides backing vocals. The Eagles’ Joe Walsh is on guitar.

“The idea that John was talking about me in that time before he died, well, I’m an emotional person,” Starr said in a statement published by Consequences Of Sound. “I just loved this song. I sang it the best that I could. I do well up when I think of John this deeply.”

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“I’ve done my best. We’ve done our best,” he added. “The other good thing is that I really wanted Paul to play on it, and he said yes. Paul came over and he played bass and sings a little bit on this with me. So John’s on it in a way. I’m on it and Paul’s on it.”

What’s My Name will be released on Oct. 25.