Child Reporter Jaden Jefferson Tells Ellen DeGeneres He Wants To Interview Donald Trump About His Not ‘Very Appropriate’ Tweets

Kid reporter Jaden Jefferson stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” where he told the host all about his future plans.

Jefferson, 11, went viral after interviewing presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren. With more maturity than people three times his age, Jefferson told DeGeneres about the “amazing experience” getting to interview her and how ultimately he just wants to help voters make an “informed decision” and how we should all respect each other more despite who you vote for.

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He also named other people he would like to interview like Joe Biden and although he isn’t running in 2020, Barack Obama.

Although the ultimate get would be to interview Donald Trump about his not “very appropriate” tweets.

While DeGeneres didn’t have any politicians on the show, she did have Brad Pitt who stuck around so Jefferson could ask him a few questions.

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To help with his interviews, Shutterfly gifted him with $10,000 worth of equipment.

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