Chris Sullivan Says ‘This Is Us’ Is ‘Going Bigger Than It’s Gone Before’

If you think “This Is Us” can’t get bigger, Chris Sullivan begs to differ.

Sullivan, who plays Toby Damon on “This is Us”, assured the show had even more ways to tug on viewers’ heartstring. “This show is going bigger than it’s gone before — and it’s going in a direction that no one expects,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

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“When I read episode one, I was like, ‘Wait! What is happening?’ The opening of season four is going to be very surprising,” Sullivan continued.

“I’ve learned a lot of emotional lessons from [creator] Dan Fogelman’s writing staff about how to handle certain things so even through whatever they go through, we’ll learn something,” Sullivan shared. “I mean, it’s not going to be easy.”

“I know that the writers — more than any show I’ve heard of — they’ve had the end game of this show in mind for years, and have plotted out the next three seasons in great detail,” he shared. “But they haven’t shared [everything] with us because stuff will change and stuff will shift — and we all have big mouths on red carpets.”

Sullivan also touched on Toby and Kate’s situation. “Everyone seems happy he’s out of the NICU, so that’s good news,” Sullivan said. “Baby Jack presents challenges in the relationship just as any new baby, new parents are trying to figure it out.”

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“They’re trying to navigate all kinds of new things,” he continued. “Obviously, the ghost of Jack is in the room now via the name for the rest of the series, and that will bring stuff up for Kate.”

Season four of “This Is Us” premieres Tuesday, Sept. 24.

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