Brad Pitt Has No Desire To Visit Space After ‘Ad Astra’ Role

Acting in “Ad Astra” was enough outer space for Brad Pitt.

The actor opened up about his Oscar-buzzed role in the new syfy film, revealing that he has no interest in visiting space.

When Absolute Radio’s Dave Berry asked Pitt if he had an desire to explore the world above, Pitt responded, “Nope. Not-existent whatsoever.”

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He added, “Maybe when I was younger but it’s completely inhospitable, uncomfortable and I don’t see it happening.

In fact, “[Ad Astra] is good enough for me.”

Berry later asked what Pitt wanted to be when he grew up, and even then he has no interest in space.

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“Not an astronaut,” he said. “Space travel is just banal. I don’t know, I wanted to build things, homes. [Carpentry?] Yeah a little bit.”

“Ad Astra” hits big screens on September 19.

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