Gigi Hadid took a spontaneous barefoot walk down the runway at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 show during New York Fashion Week when the 24-year-old experienced what she later described as a “lil wardrobe malfunction.”

Just as she was about to hit the catwalk, Hadid’s shoe reportedly broke, leading the quick-thinking model to ditch her footwear entirely and walk the runway barefoot.

“In the first opening ‘finale’ of Marc’s show Gigi’s heel broke,” Marc Jacobs stylist Katie Grand wrote on Instagram, accompanying video of Hadid’s barefoot runway walk.

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“If you see images from the first passage she has thigh high silver socks and white leather mules, and since we were at the other end of the armoury there wasn’t much we could do other than either fake a non-broken heel or rip off her socks and shoes and send her out barefoot, which we did, and was all the more natural for it,” Grand continued. “Gigi and all the people from the show thank you all so much for being so patient, beautiful and inspiring.”

Despite the broken shoe — or maybe because of it — Hadid described her experience at the Marc Jacobs show as “one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever seen” when she took to Instagram, adding that “sometimes a lil wardrobe malfunction can lead to the magic moments.”

She added: “Walking in a dream ✨.”

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