T.I And Candace Owens Get In Heated Argument Over When America Was Great

Things got heated between T.I and Donald Trump supporter Candace Owens on Saturday night.

Diddy’s Revolt TV was holding a summit in Atlanta where Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” was discussed and how many in the black community view it as racist.

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Moderator Jeff Johnson pointed out that the slogan has made poor blacks the enemy of poor whites.

“When did Trump ever say that?” Owens asked while suggesting that Reagan used something close to that.

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“When you ‘make American great again,’ which period are you talking about?” T.I questioned Owens before naming “the period when women couldn’t vote, the period when we were hanging from trees.”

Owens tried to answer but couldn’t give a straight answer. “Slavery was all over the world,” she continued while trying to say America was the first to free their slaves (not technically correct, in England 1706 Smith v. Browne & Cooper outlawed slaves but still allowed villeins) which was not the answer the audience was looking for. “Why are you booing a fact?”

The next Revolt Summit takes place in Los Angeles on Oct. 24.



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