Lilly Singh Talks Repping Her Roots And Dealing With Nerves Ahead Of ‘A Little Late’

Multi-faceted Canadian entertainer Lilly Singh is about to embark on a groundbreaking journey with her brand-new Global late-night talk show, “A Little Late With Lilly Singh”.

Singh is not only the first woman to have her own late-night talk show gig, but she’s the first Canadian, the first person of Indian-Canadian heritage, and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community to host a major U.S. late-night talk show. With all that on her shoulders, it’s no wonder Singh tells ET Canada‘s Carlos Bustamante she’s nervous about “A Little Late” but isn’t going to let it show.

“I do pride myself on my ability to not seem nervous because I definitely am,” Singh says during Carlos’ visit to the set of her Los Angeles-filmed show. “I’m super nervous before I walk out especially because it’s a little different. I’m used to a live audience, of course, I’m used to being on camera but this is a formatted, timed, scheduled thing where I have to hit certain beats. There’s just certain transitions that have to happen so it’s definitely out of my comfort zone, but all great things lie in your discomfort zone.”

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The Scarborough, Ontario, native says she will draw on her Indian heritage as part of her new show because that’s just who she is, as she tells Carlos appearing on TV will be a push forward for South Asian culture.

“Even if I came out and did a monologue that had nothing to do with Indian culture or parents or whatever, it would still be doing something because my point of view is embedded into everything I’m saying and how I look on screen is already a win in my opinion,” she says.

For Singh, who celebrates her 30th birthday later this month, “A Little Late” is a chance to have more representation and diversity on TV screens.

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“I think it’s so important that my show is going to represent the world. And that’s how it should be. Storytelling is about people relating to you or hearing a point of view they otherwise have not heard. That’s what it’s suppose to be.”

Singh will certainly be repping her hometown each night, telling ET Canada there’s a nod to Toronto on her set. Among the skyscrapers and buildings in her backdrop, viewers will be ablet to spot the CN Tower.

“Although the rest of the buildings are not a specific place, that is a nod to the CN Tower because those are my roots and you’re right there. A lot of people that watch that have no idea what that is but I know what it is and it’s purposely placed behind my chair because that’s my home,” she explains.

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“That’s where I learned all the things I talk about. You know my point of view as a person is so much because of Toronto and so much because of the diversity the types of music that plays to the audience in between, the types of jokes I’m making. They’re all born and raised in Toronto.”

“A Little Late With Lilly Singh” premieres on Global on Tuesday, September 17, at 12:37 a.m. ET (so, Monday night).

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