Mena Massoud has launched his own charity; The Ethnically Diverse Artists (EDA) Foundation.

Massoud, who was born in Egypt before he immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of 3-years-old, wants to “provide ethnically diverse artists in Canada with support, opportunities and resources for their careers.”

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The “Aladdin” star said in a statement: “As Canadians, one of the things we pride ourselves on is the diversity of our country, that ours is a nation built of people from all over the world, where we’ve come to understand that our differences are a source of strength and empowerment. Yet so many of our stories are missing from the dominant narratives portrayed in the arts.”

“The EDA Foundation will aim to magnify the importance of diversity and participate in helping see that diversity reflected back to us because when we uplift artists who represent diverse perspectives, their stories can influence not only how people view others, but how they view themselves.”

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Adding, EDA “hopes to inspire inclusivity and diversity so that young ethnically diverse artists can gain access to the tools they need to jump-start their careers, whether it be access to mentors, aid for training or assistance with crucial resources such as headshots, masterclasses and gallery fees.”