Roseanne Barr is pointing fingers at her “Roseanne” co-star Sara Gilbert and ABC over her firing from her eponymous sitcom revival.

Last year, Barr was ousted over a racist tweet about White House aide Valerie Jarrett. After initially blaming the drug Ambien on her remarks, Barr is now saying her firing was ABC’s “excuse to steal [her] life’s work.”

Barr tells DailyMailTV Gilbert’s reaction to the racist tweet sealed her fate on the series, which has since been re-branded as “The Conners”. Gilbert was an executive producer of “Roseanne” and retains the title on “The Conners”.

“It was a perfect storm, kind of a little bit too perfect,” Barr says. “Sometimes I think, Was this orchestrated, the whole thing? Asking me back? Needing so badly to slam Trump and people who voted for him?”

Barr also reveals she hasn’t spoken to Gilbert, who played her on-screen daughter Darlene for nearly a decade.

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“When somebody just doesn’t care how their actions affect you, what’s there to talk about?” she asks, adding she hasn’t spoken to any of her former co-stars, including John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf, and has no intention to do so any time soon.

With her TV series behind her, Barr is getting back in the saddle with a comeback comedy tour alongside Andrew Dice Clay.

While speaking to DailyMailTV, the comedian expressed her excitement about returning to standup.

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Starting on Sept. 19, Barr, 66, and Clay will start their “Mr. and Mrs. America” tour in Long Island, N.Y.

“I was really nervous… you know, really nervous,” Barr said about returning to the public eye after facing backlash. “Dice talked me into it. He goes, ‘People are wanting to hear what you have to say.’ I said, ‘I’ll do a couple, we’ll see how it goes.'”

She added, “I love standup comedy and it’s just a blast to be able to go do it and have backup in the form of another great comic.”

While she doesn’t know what the audience will “expect” from her, she did recently surprise Clay’s audience for a five-minute set and said the audience welcomed her with open arms.