Tony Danza and Judith Light have dashed our dreams of a “Who’s The Boss?” reboot.

Alyssa Milano had everyone’s hopes up a few years back when she said she would “100 per cent” be ready if the script were right. “I think [my character Samantha] would have [her own] kids and Tony would be a grandfather,” Milano said.

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But Danza has now said it will never happen in an interview with “Good Day New York”.

“I’ve never been a fan of reboots,” he told Rosanna Scotto. “We can’t reboot [‘Who’s The Boss?’] because we have no Katherine Helmond.” He does wish the show would live on in syndication, adding “it would be good for kids.”

Former co-star Judith Light shared a similar perspective. Light also turned down a “Who’s The Boss?” reboot on “Watch What Happens Live!” with Andy Cohen: “I’d have to say that I do agree with [Danza].

“She [Helmond] was so much the fulcrum of the show and without her, it’s really not the same. I think a lot of people feel that way. I love that everyone wants it to come back but I think it’d be so obvious that so much is missing.”

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During the chat Danza also addressed Milano’s activism in the Me Too movement, noting that she has been an activist for a long time.

“She is one of those people who feels a responsibility” to “do something good,” the “Taxi” alum said. “You may not agree with her but her heart is in the right place.”