New details about the life of Marilyn Monroe and her relationship with Frank Sinatra are being revealed.

In a new episode of “The Killing Of Marilyn Monroe” podcast, hosted by entertainment journalist Charles Casillo, the host claims that Sinatra planned on marrying the starlet in the 1960s before learning of her dark past.

“Like many men, Frank Sinatra fell under her spell. He treated her like he had never treated any other woman. He was very protective of her,” Casillo explained. “He actually went to his lawyer and said, ‘I think I am going to marry Marilyn,’ and his lawyer talked him out of it.”

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Casillo claims that Sinatra’s lawyer believed his career would be over if he was attached to Monroe.

“The lawyer said, ‘Don’t marry her. She’s going to commit suicide, and if she kills herself during the time that she is Frank Sinatra’s wife, you will go down in history as the man responsible for Marilyn Monroe’s death,’” Casillo claimed.

Monroe was previously linked to Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio but according to Casillo, her crippling depression seemed to cause the demise of those relationships.

Celebrity biographer Mark Bego, who was a guest on the new episode, says the actress’ five-year union to Miller was doomed from the start.

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“Arthur Miller ran with a very intellectual crowd,” Bego said. “And then Marilyn was looked at by people in power as just being that movie star, that blonde bombshell, that sex goddess.”

“I think that Arthur Miller’s circle really didn’t take Marilyn as seriously as she thought she should be taken,” he continued. “Before she even reached puberty – before she was a teenager – she was sexually molested by one of the foster parents that she had.”

New episodes of “The Killing Of Marilyn Monroe” drop every Monday.

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