Lilly Singh Raps About Being A Female, Indian-Canadian Late-Night Host, Chats With Mindy Kaling During Talk Show Debut

Lilly Singh made her epic late-night TV debut Monday, rapping about being a woman of colour hosting a talk show and introducing guests Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson to her sofa.

Singh didn’t hold back as she poked fun at being the only female host of such a show, entering a room of white male executives for one skit.

They suggested she wear a grey, navy, or brown suit for “A Little Late”, as the YouTuber insisted: “I prefer something a little more colourful.”

She also joked about every TV host being called Jimmy.

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Her rap included, “Hello, my name is Lilly and I ain’t a white man… I’m turning off the A/C and I’m turning on the heat because I’ve been cool at my 9-5 since I been 18,” and “My writers room look like a mini United Nations.”

Singh added, “This is the new standard so take notice, Hollywood.”

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Her guest Kaling revealed how she almost ruined Baby Shark for her kid and what Michael Scott from “The Office” would be up to now.

Kaling shared of what the show would be like in 2019, “To me, seeing Michael Scott dab, ’cause I feel like he would do it all the time. And also Michael Scott on Instagram and the thirsty comments he would leave on celebrities’ pages.”

A Little Late With Lilly Singh airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. on Global.

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