Simon Cowell Discusses His Weight Loss, Reveals He’s Given Up Everything He Loves Minus Alcohol And Smoking

Simon Cowell talks weight loss and turning 60 during an appearance on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

DeGeneres asks Cowell about changing his diet, with the media mogul replying: “I have an [‘America’s Got Talent’] producer who has a way of saying to me I look terrible without saying I look terrible.

“So when he says things like ‘Get your hair cut shorter,’ he means ‘You look terrible Simon, sort yourself out.'”

Cowell continues, “I went to see this doctor in London and we did some tests. Then a month later he said, ‘You have the worst diet I’ve seen from any patient.'”

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He says of his new diet, “It’s pretty much all the things I loved, I now can’t eat.

“Eric is five this year. I realized if I didn’t sort myself out physically, I wouldn’t be able to catch up with him.”

Cowell also discusses his upcoming 60th birthday, as well as being told off once again for not wearing a helmet while riding his bike.

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DeGeneres then puts the star’s brutal honesty to the test while playing “The Lie Detector Game”.

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