Meghan McCain says she’s had a lot of experience being fat-shamed, including by a former colleague.

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On Tuesday’s “The View” the co-host discussed “Late Late Show” host James Corden calling out Bill Maher for fat-shaming, and shared her own experience with her former Fox News colleague Laura Ingraham.

“I want to say if I weren’t fat-shamed, I wouldn’t have a career,” McCain said. “Laura Ingraham said I was too plus-sized to have a career. Shoutout, Laura: I’m on ‘The View’ — and you’re not.”

Unfortunately, McCain also faces negative comments about her weight online.

“It literally sparked so much outrage, (because) people don’t like it when you are talking about women’s weight,” she said. ”I’m fat-shamed everyday. Everyday somebody on Twitter is like, you’re too fat to be on ‘The View,’ blah blah blah. It is so cruel but I struggle with my weight, and I go, like, way up. I’m, like, 20-pounds up, 20-pounds down. I struggle with it.”

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That said, McCain admits that her problems are nothing compared to other people’s struggles with their weight.

“That’s not even compared to, like, people in my life who are obese who really struggle, and I think we need to have compassion towards people who are struggling in life in general, and as you said, so much about obesity in this country is about poverty and access to health care,” she said.

McCain added of Maher, “I’m conflicted because I wouldn’t have met my husband if he weren’t a guest on Bill Maher, so I always have a tiny little place in my heart for Bill Maher.”