Jessica Alba On The Messy Side Of Parenting: ‘That’s Fun Too’

Jessica Alba has a refreshing look on the messy side of parenting.

The mother-of-three joined Kelly Clarkson, who is a mom to two children herself, on Tuesday’s “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and the pair had a good time discussing some of the disgusting things they’ve done for their children.

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After mentioning that her eldest daughter, Honor, 11, is now into putting on “fantasy makeup,” Alba says that’s not even the worst of it in her household.

“It looks kind of anime-ish/clown-ish,” she explained. “She puts freckles on herself and, like, orange blush. It’s fine.”

But it got even messier with her youngest Hayes, 1. She even had to enlist Honor and Haven, 8, to help with this clean-up.

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“What I said to the girls was like, ‘Not only did you poo on me and barf on me several times throughout your babyhood’ – because my kids get motion sickness; so every car ride, every train ride, every plane, every single one, it’s coming out – ‘and whilst in the bathtub with me.’ That’s fun too,” she said of Hayes’ accident in the bathtub. “So, I’m like, ‘You guys need to help me clean this up.’ And they’re like, ‘Gross mom!'”

Alba later added that her girls are “very dramatic.”

“It’s nice for me because then it forces me to, like, open my heart and have compassion and empathy for people who are operating in the world very differently to me,” she said.

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