Jeff Lewis is lamenting his daughter’s expulsion from her Montessori preschool due to some ill-advised comments he made on his SiriusXM radio show about the exclusive Manhattan school.

As People reports, the star of “Flipping Out” (which was cancelled last year) shared the news on Tuesday’s edition of his SiriusXM radio show, “Jeff Lewis Live”, revealing that daughter Monroe (whom he shares with ex-partner Gage Edward) will no longer be attending the school after parents complained about some mocking comments he made on his show while reading school-related emails.

“Apparently I’ve mentioned a few things about the school on air,” Lewis told listeners, promising to keep his lips zipped in future. “I take full responsibility… I am really, really sorry. I feel terrible about what happened. I know how it has affected Monroe. I will never do this again.”

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According to Lewis, he met with the school’s headmistress in hopes of clearing things up. It did not go well.

“The conversation lasted 20 minutes,” Lewis explained. “For the first 12-13 minutes I grovelled and then when I realized there was no hope, it got a bit contentious. I said, ‘I cannot believe this is the Montessori way!’ You don’t get to make amends. There are no second chances, no warnings — nothing. It was immediately, ‘They’re expelled.’“

The headmistress went on to tell Lewis he had “bullied two of my mothers” on his show, which he denied. “I said, ‘Are you kidding me? Bullied?” he declared. “I read two emails! I didn’t say somebody was fat, all I did was read two emails!’”

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Lewis then revealed the headmistress informed him that she had only received one complaint about his comments, neither of which was from the two women referenced on the air, but that she was “expecting their call any day.”

Lewis admitted he did not respond well to that information: “I said, ‘You know what is bulls**t? The fact that you said at ‘Back to School Night’ how much you care about our kids. What a crock. You care so much about my kid you’re going to kick her out without any sort of ability to have a second chance?’”

Even though he’s now left scrambling to find a preschool for Monroe, Lewis concedes the whole thing may be for the best.

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“I picked the wrong school,” he admitted. “Next time, I’m going to trust my gut. I felt like the school was too regimented, too structured. I think, it’s not a college prep course. It’s preschool.”

He added: “Everyone takes themselves so seriously at that school. I think these people are arrogant, they’re pretentious… I don’t want Monroe to be in a strict school with overachievers and massive homework. She has her whole life to be stressed out. It’s preschool, let her be a kid and have fun.”

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You can listen to Lewis discuss the expulsion in the clip above.

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