Sarah Paulson And Jimmy Fallon Giggle Through ‘Tonight Show’ Interview, Host Admits He Knows Nothing About The Movie She’s Promoting

Sarah Paulson’s interview with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show” didn’t go quite as planned.

Paulson appeared on the show to talk about her new movie “The Goldfinch” but Fallon had the pair giggling from the get-go as he admitted he hadn’t actually read the originating book.

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Fallon explained, “I tried [to read the book]. It is beautiful and great, and I go, ‘I get it.’ And then it went into a different story and I go, ‘What happened?’

“I really got into it. The museum and the whole thing, they go, it’s not about that. There’s, like, four chapters about the museum. It’s not about a museum. So I read four chapters that’s not about anything. And I’m like, ‘What am I going to do?’ And you know what I said? ‘I can’t wait for the movie to come out.’”

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As Paulson continuously told Fallon he was wrong about numerous things about the book, the talk-show host eventually said: “I’m gonna read it before the film comes out. Yeah, when is it coming out?”

The actress laughed, “It’s out now.”

Paulson also fangirled over Cher touching her hand during her Met Gala performance.

She said: “I’m like hand up in the air, waving around and she sees me, walks right to me and grabs my hand. I mean, like, it was personal—cause we’re friends, you guys.”

See more from the interview in the clip above.

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