Kris Jenner Getting Tackled By Kim Kardashian’s Security Revealed As Elaborate Prank

It was all just a practical joke!

In a teaser released last week for the new”Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Khloe Kardashian called 911 after Kris Jenner was floored by security, but it turns out it just a prank orchestrated by Jenner herself.

Calling it “the prank of the century,” Kris hired a stunt double to stage the tackling by Kim Kardashian’s security guards.

In the episode, Khloe calls and informs her sister that Jenner has been injured. “Your security just f**king tackled mom,” Khloe says. “We just called 911.”

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Kris can be heard in the background yelling, “Oh my God, my neck!” as Khloe adds, “This is crazy.”

Kim asks, “What happened?!”

“Come over here! I’m outside. The ambulance is on their way here now,” Khloe yells. “They were in the backyard, and Mom came down, and when she showed up, I told them, ‘Go around,’ and they just tackled her! Mom?! I gotta call you back.”

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“I have to look at the surveillance right now,” Kim says as she pulls up the footage on her phone. “Ohhh. My God.”

Kim went to see her mom, who was lying on a stretcher and wearing a neck brace. But soon enough, Khloe got Kim to spill the beans, revealing that it was a prank designed to get Kim to loosen up her overzealous security.

“The purpose of my prank was to say, we love that you have this security,” Kris said. “But we would just love to have some clearance, so we can come in and out of your house.”

“KUWTK” airs Sundays.

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