Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch are pulling back the hospital curtain at SickKids.

In an eye-opening experience the newly engaged “Bachelor In Paradise” couple joined forces with SickKids and AirBnb for a PSA that sheds light on the reality of the hospital infrastructure.

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The couple were some of the first people to stay overnight at the SickKids AirBnb, which gives guests the opportunity to go stay right at this world-class hospital, for a three hour visit, so they can experience an authentic recreation of what it is really like for families and their children.

“You’re in an atmosphere that just seems so chaotic,” Wendt, who is a long supporter of SickKids, said. “You should be able to have a peaceful night with your child and not be interrupted by loads of things throughout the night.”

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“Just seeing that crash cart get rushed in and it’s bumping into another kid’s bed,” Loch added. “There’s no space and parents are getting rushed out of there. It’s just not good enough.”