U.S. Navy Confirms UFO Pics Leaked By Former Blink-182 Guitarist Tom DeLonge Are Legit

Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge made headlines a few years back when he left the band to pursue his interest in UFOs, and it appears his unorthodox pursuit is paying off.

After exiting the band, the 43-year-old musician founded the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, with a mandate of seeking to “advance society’s understanding of scientific phenomena and its technological implications.”

Mere days ahead of the planned storming of Area 51, the U.S. navy has acknowledged that some videos shared by DeLonge’s academy do, in fact, feature “unidentified aerial phenomena.” 

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Last week, The Black Vault (a civilian archive of formerly secret government documents that have been declassified) reported that the navy revealed the dates of three “officially acknowledged” UFO encounters, with three videos released by DeLonge’s academy showing what the navy refers to as “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAPs.

In a statement to Politico, a navy spokesperson confirms that it considers the objects in DeLonge’s videos to be UAPs.

“There have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated air space in recent years,” said a spokesperson. “For safety and security concerns, the navy and the [U.S. air force] takes these reports very seriously and investigates each and every report.

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DeLonge took to social media to celebrate the navy acknowledging that UFOs/UAPs are an actual phenomenon.

“This acknowledgment by the Navy is unprecedented,” he wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday. “Facts are starting to replace unsubstantiated claims and the fog that has masked the reality of UAPs [unidentified aerial phenomena] is clearing. WE ARE MAKING REAL PROGRESS — I AM SO EXCITED!!”

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I was in New York yesterday getting ready for our show when my phone explodes with messages that the Navy has acknowledged that the three videos taken by their fighter pilots really do show unidentified aerial phenomenon. I applaud their lifting the silence. THIS IS HUGE! The @tothestarsacademy team has been working tirelessly in Washington to move the subject of UAPs past stigma and toward acceptance. You’ve seen a glimpse of our efforts on @history’s docuseries #Unidentified. You’ve seen the conversation change in the mainstream media over the last couple of years. You've seen our Government leaders start to ask questions that haven't been asked in a long time. The Navy even recently announced a policy change that made it easier for its personnel to report unusual sightings, which is a giant first. But this acknowledgement by the Navy is unprecedented. Facts are starting to replace unsubstantiated claims and the fog that has masked the reality of UAPs is clearing. WE ARE MAKING REAL PROGRESS – I AM SO EXCITED!!

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