Mama-to-be Shay Mitchell and boyfriend Matte Babel are preparing for the birth of their first child — which means it’s time for a baby shower.

In the latest edition of her YouTube pregnancy diary, “Almost Ready”, the former “Pretty Little Liars” star chronicles the event, which is less like a baby shower and more a wild bachelorette party.

“I know I said that I wasn’t gonna have a baby shower but a few things changed and I decided I was going to,” she says of her decision to take her friends to the live “Magic Mike” male stripper show.

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“Oh my god, this is so fun,” she tells her friends.

Meanwhile, Babel checked in to see how she was doing.

“Hey babe. How’s it going,” he texted. “Do you guys want snacks?”

He never did find out, as she and her friends had other things on their minds amid the bumping and grinding of all the near-naked hunks.

Things took a serious turn, however, when Mitchell confided to a friend: “I’m terrified of giving birth. It’s just a lot.”

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During the summer, the couple revealed that their bundle of joy should arrive in late September — or any day now… stay tuned!

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