Despite the rumours, JoJo Siwa is not feuding with Justin Bieber.

It all started late last year when the teen singer posted a photo of herself with a customized convertible emblazoned with her face and the bright colours she favours for her outfits.

Upon seeing the garish automobile, Bieber shared a comment. “Burn it,” he quipped.

It didn’t take long for Siwa’s fans to accuse the Biebs of dissing the singer. He responded on Twitter that it was nothing personal — he just wasn’t a fan of the colours.

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“I really hope you didn’t think it was malicious or mean spirited,” he wrote.

His Twitter apology earned a response from Siwa:

As the Daily Mail reports, Siwa appeared on Australian radio show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” this week and was asked about her “feud” with Bieber.

“I don’t think there is one,” she told the hosts, adding that she was in touch with Bieber about potentially performing at her birthday bash, explaining that it didn’t happen because he “was out of town.”