Connie Britton shut down rumours of a “Friday Night Lights” remake during an appearance at the #BlogHer19 Creators Summit in Brooklyn Wednesday.

Britton, who played Tami Taylor in the much-loved series, said politely when asked if a remake was in the works: “You need to let it go.”

Credit: BlogHer
Credit: BlogHer

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The actress also spoke of the memorable female characters she’s played on such shows as “Dirty John” and “Nashville”.

She discussed her deal with Amazon Studios and said of her concerns as a producer: “[It is] really hard as a woman to say something that people don’t like. That’s very difficult. I still really struggle with sort of trying to be nice about it, make sure everybody is feeling okay.”

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“And ultimately having a concern that I’m going to be perceived as a b***h. And that’s very real. And I actually have found now, the more I’m getting into producing and the more sort of input that I have on a set, the more I really bump up against that… I know that that’s something that I carry. That is something that’s been passed down to me.

“And there’s this sense that I always have to fight against being yourself.”

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