Kirsten Dunst Says Brad Pitt Was Not Her First Kiss And Recalls Smooching In A Dark Elevator 

Kirsten Dunst recalls her real first kiss, shutting down rumours it was with Brad Pitt in “Interview With The Vampire”.

The actress appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Wednesday night where she admitted that kissing Pitt was not a big deal. “Don’t worry girls, it was a peck,” she said to the applauding crowd when Corden addressed their kissing scene in the 1994 film.

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Dunst went on to explain every detail of her actual first kiss with her eighth grade classmate. “I did have a first kiss as a normal young adult in eight grade, like you do. Well I don’t know when. You know that’s different ages, but for me.”
The “Spider-Man” star revealed where this first kiss took place. “It was in the Washington monument,” she laughs. “In the elevator and the elevator’s dark and I was with my entire class.”

She confessed that it was not the first kiss she wanted: “I was upset because I liked his friend but he kissed me in the elevator.”

Dunst recalls the eighth grade drama, adding, “He’s so sweet but my best friend Molly was in love with him and I loved his friend. It was all wrong.”

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The 37-year-old actress was joined by “Pose” star Billy Porter, who revealed his first kiss was in ninth grade. “I feel like we were late compared to other people,” Dunst said. The two joked about growing up and kissing in different eras. “It’s a lot faster now,” said Porter.

“It’s way faster!”, Dunst agrees. She then turns to the Englishman (Corden) himself, “It’s way faster in England. New English are having sex at like 9 I feel like,” Dunst jokingly says.

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