Late-Night Hosts React To Justin Trudeau’s Blackface Controversy: ‘Suck It, Canada!’

Late-night hosts share their thoughts on old surfaced photos of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing blackface.

Three instances of Trudeau wearing blackface have emerged recently. This includes a video of Trudeau in a crowd in the 1990s as well as him attending an Arabian Nights gala in 2001.

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On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert addressed the controversy on Global’s “The Late Show” with a simple, straightforward response.

“I just want to say… It’s not us this time!” he said. “Suck it, Canada!”

On “The Daily Show”, host Trevor Noah went into more depth on the story, responding to Trudeau’s comment that he is “more enthusiastic about costumes than is sometimes appropriate.”

“Besides being problematic, it also sounds like Justin Trudeau would be the most annoying person on Halloween,” Noah joked.

While the public and media are digesting the information, so are a number of other celebrities. The likes of Kal Penn and Piers Morgan reacted to the photos and videos on Twitter.

“For Halloween, I’m going to dress up as Justin Trudeau dressed up as Aladdin,” Penn teased.

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Morgan took a more direct approach. “Blackface Trudeau should apply the same high horse standards to himself that he applies to everyone else – and demand his own racist head on a plate,” he wrote.

Continue below to see more celebrity reaction.

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