Brad Pitt On Defending Gwyneth Paltrow Against Harvey Weinstein: ‘That’s How We Confronted Things’

Brad Pitt is opening up about defending Gwyneth Paltrow in front of Harvey Weinstein.

While chatting with CNN, reporter Christiane Amanpour asked the “Ad Astra” actor, 55, about Paltrow’s recent claims that Pitt pushed Weinstein against a wall after an alleged incident involving his then-girlfriend.

“At that moment, I was just a boy from the Ozarks on the playground and that’s how we confronted things,” Pitt explained.

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“I just wanted to make sure nothing was going to happen further because she was going to do two films [with Weinstein],” he continued. “I think the interesting thing is that we, Hollywood specifically, but the workplace, men and women’s dynamics is being re-calibrated, re-calibrated in a very good way that is long overdue.”

He added, “And I do think that’s an important story to tell.”

Paltrow also opened up about the alleged incident with Weinstein with Howard Stern in May. She claimed he used to sexually harass her in the early days of her career.

“It was weird. I was alone in a room with him. It was out of the blue. I was shocked,” she told Stern, adding that she went directly home to tell Pitt.

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“I told him right away and I was very shaken by the whole thing,” Paltrow said. “We were at the opening of Hamlet on Broadway. Harvey was there and Brad Pitt — it was like the equivalent of throwing him against the wall, energetically.”

“He said, ‘If you ever make her feel uncomfortable again, I’ll kill you,’” she recalled Pitt saying to Weinstein. “Or something like that.”

“Ad Astra” is in theatres now.

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