Sneak Peek: Kelly Clarkson Goes Nuclear On Blake Shelton For Blocking Her During ‘The Voice’ Auditions

Blake Shelton isn’t about to let Kelly Clarkson steal away one of the most talented singers on the first episode of “The Voice” season 17 auditions.

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In an exciting clip from the season premiere, airing Monday, Sept. 23, singer Katie Kadan performs an epic rendition of “Baby I Love You” during her blind audition.

John Legend turns around first, followed quickly by Shelton. Clarkson turns around next, and finally, Stefani hits her button just to see Kadan perform.

Unfortunately for Clarkson, Shelton hits his block button, preventing Clarkson from luring Kadan to her team.

Clarkson gets up and lets out a huge scream, and then goes up to give Kadan a hug before turning around and pointing a finger at Shelton.

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“I am gonna take you down, Shelton,” she warns later, though Shelton cheekily denies being the one to block her, attempting to blame Legend.

“I don’t know how you rock like you do,” Shelton tells Kadan.

As for whom Kadan actually chooses, “The Voice” fans will just have to wait until Monday’s premiere.

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