Charli XCX Says There Is A Stigma About Therapy In U.K.

Charli XCX is getting more comfortable with the idea of seeing a therapist.

Charli, 27, touched on the perception of therapy in the U.K. while speaking to Julie Adenuga and “Beats 1″ on Apple Music. “I’m not anti-therapy at all,” she assured. “I’ve never been anti it.”

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“I think it’s brilliant and great and I think everybody should have it because it’s like going to the doctors,” she continued. “It’s like you go for a physical checkup and so you should do the same for your mental health.”

“I feel like there is this stigma in the U.K. about, ‘Oh therapy, it’s a bit L.A. isn’t it?’ I really do think that,” Charli shared. “I think it’s less common here to be very open about it. I think there’s also a thought that only really rich people can get a therapist and I don’t think that’s the case.”

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The “2099” singer is warming up to the idea herself. “I’ve never done it before, just because it’s felt a bit alien to me, but I’ve never been anti it, I think I’ve just been nervous,” she said. “Now I’m like, ‘Okay, I think I really want to do that.’”

Charli released her third studio album Charli on Sept. 13.

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