Zach Galifianakis has become known for his insulting, uninformed interviews with celebrities ranging from “Justin Beevers” to “community organizer” Barack Obama on his not-actually-real talk show “Between Two Ferns”, and he’s taking things to a whole level in his new Netflix film “Between Two Ferns: The Movie”.

In a hilarious clip from the movie, Galifianakis mercilessly rips guest Paul Rudd during an outrageously unhinged interview that goes off the rails before it even begins.

“What was that thing you were complaining about the #MeToo movement before we started rolling? What was that?” Galifianakis asks the “Ant-Man” star just as the interview begins.

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Taken aback, Rudd insists he “wasn’t complaining about that,” but Galifianakis simply rolls his eyes and snorts, “Oh, now you don’t wanna say anything now that the cameras are going? Okay.”

Things go downhill from there. “Some people have it all: looks, talent. How does it feel to only have looks?” asks the “Hangover” star.

“I read that you might quit acting and just disappear?” Galifianakis then queries. “Where did you read that?” Rudd replies.

“Right here,” says Galifinakis, gesturing to his notes. “I wrote it down.”

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The host then asks, “Which do you prefer: being in Marvel movies or being in stuff that nobody’s ever heard of?” Rudd admits he prefers Marvel movies before Galifianakis asks, “Do you have any tips for people who have to interview you who are worried that they might die of boredom?”

“Between Two Ferns: The Movie” is currently streaming on Netflix.