Is there a bigger fan of beloved TV sitcom “Friends” than Jennifer Garner?

Not according to the former “Alias” star, who shared a video on Instagram in celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary (the very first episode aired on Sept. 22, 1994).

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In the video, Garner shows off the characters from LEGO’s recently released “Friends” 25th anniversary set, offering hilarious descriptions along the way.

“This is Gunther… sooo cranky,” she says of the deadpan Central Perk barista, while describing Matthew Perry’s LEGO doppelganger thusly: “This is my friend Chandler. What’s his job? Nobody knows!”

As she places the LEGO characters in their appropriate positions within the tiny coffee-shop set, she situates Chandler next to Monica “in a nice little bit of foreshadowing,” and places Phoebe onstage while supplying the vocals for a LEGO performance of “Smelly Cat”.

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Even more impressive is how much fun Garner is clearly having playing with her new toys; check out the adorable video in its entirety below:

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