Lena Dunham has revealed that two years ago she checked herself into a mental health facility.

The essay from the “Girls” star published in the Sunday Times is a part of Scarlett Curtis’ book It’s Not OK To Be Blue (and Other Lies). Other celebs to contribute include Emma Thompson and Emilia Clarke.

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“I was sick, skinny and addicted to pills. Even texts intimated me, and so I went off to treatment to face my pain,” Dunham wrote.

Although, she revealed therapy didn’t help at first to remove her writer’s block. “All day therapy, all night a blank computer screen,” she said. Luckily she added that her adopted brother Spike suggested art therapy, which was a breakthrough.

“If you can’t write it, draw it,” he told her.

By drawing her now ex-boyfriend Jack Antanoff, Dunham said she realized what needed to be done.

“On my overnight with my boyfriend at a local inn, I drew him sleeping on the bed after the final time we had sex, and as I sketched I realized I would drown alive if he didn’t let go of me, she said.

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After five years together, the actress and musician ended their relationship in December 2017.

It’s Not OK To Be Blue (and Other Lies) hits shelves on Oct. 3 and includes a list from Emma Thompson of the 20 things she does to keep from becoming depressed and an essay from Emilia Clarke about her anxiety while undergoing brain surgery.