Terrence Howard is not happy about his Emmy snubs.

The “Empire” star opened up about his lack of Emmy noms in an awkward interview with KTLA on the 2019 Emmy Awards red carpet after being asked about his upcoming star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“It’s interesting, how am I getting a star for TV when I’ve never received an Emmy nomination for TV?” he said. “I think an Emmy nomination would come first.”

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Howard went on to talk about why he is leaving the entertainment industry.

“I spent 37 years pretending to be people so people can pretend to watch and enjoy what I’m doing when I’ve actually made some discoveries in my own personal life with science that Pythagoras was searching for. I was able to open up the flower of life properly and find the real wave conjugations that we’ve been looking for for 10,000 years. So… why would I continue, ya know… walking on water for tips… when I’ve got an entire generation to teach a whole new world to?”

When asked if he would share information on his discovery, the actor gave a bit of insight.

“I’m going to be sharing that on Tuesday when I receive my star,” he responded. “I’m going to be able to prove that gravity is only an effect and not a force. I’m putting something on YouTube where I will build the planet Saturn without gravity and build the Milky Way galaxy without gravity.”

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Twitter users were equally as confused by the interview.


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