Meghan Markle Delivers Powerful Speech On South Africa Tour: ‘As A Woman Of Colour And As Your Sister, I’m Here For You’

Meghan Markle delivered a heartfelt speech to cheers from the crowd as she visited the Justice Desk organization in Nyanga, Cape Town, Monday.

Meghan, who was pictured arriving in the capital with Prince Harry and baby Archie earlier in the day, shared: “May I just say that while I’m here, with my husband, as a member of the Royal Family, I want you to know for me, I’m here as a mother, as a wife, as a woman, as a woman of colour, and as your sister.

“I’m here with you and I’m here for you.”

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Prince Harry, who is touring South Africa with his family for 10 days, added, “As someone who has visited this amazing country many times, and as someone who regards Cape Town as a uniquely special place in Africa, I wanted to ensure that our first visit as a family – with my wife by my side – focused on the significant challenges facing millions of South Africans, while acknowledging the hope that we feel so strongly here.

“We are so incredibly grateful to be able to listen and learn from you about the issues that define your daily lives in these communities. And that’s what this is, a community. A community where men and women have a vital role to play. Touching on what your president said last week – no man is born to cause harm to women — this is learned behaviour, and a cycle that needs to be broken.”

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“So now, it’s about redefining masculinity, it’s about creating your own footprints for your children to follow in so that you can make a positive change for the future.

“To me, the real testament of your strength isn’t physical, it’s what’s up here and what’s in here. Your strength is in your spirit which, for me, means honouring and protecting my wife, and being a positive role model for my son.”

The Justice Desk works to empower women and children living in vulnerable communities.

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