Following some harsh reviews, “Rambo” creator, author David Morrell, says “Rambo: Last Blood” shouldn’t have been made.

Morrell, who created the war veteran character for his 1972 novel First Blood, took to Twitter and slammed the latest “Rambo” installment and star Sylvester Stallone.

After calling the film a “mess”, he later added that he is “embarrassed to have my name associated with it.”

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“I felt degraded and dehumanized after I left the theatre,” Morrell wrote. “Instead of being soulful, this new movie lacks one. I felt I was less a human being for having seen it, and today that’s an unfortunate message… ‘Rambo’ could be called John Smith, and the film wouldn’t change. It assumes the audience is familiar with Rambo’s background, whereas anyone under 40 will wonder what on Earth is going on with those tunnels.”

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He later added that “the first two minutes were promising” but “fails miserably” from “multiple perspectives.”

According to Variety, “Rambo: Last Blood” made its box office debut with $19 million worldwide.