Composer Leonard Slatkin is still very much alive, despite his picture appearing in the In Memoriam tribute during Sunday night’s 71st annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Slatkin took notice of the flub and called the Television Academy out, correcting their mistake.

Composer Andre Previn (pictured below) should have been featured. Previn, who scored numerous Hollywood films and was married to actress Mia Farrow, died in February at age 89.

Andre Previn. Photo: Times Newspapers/Shutterstock
Andre Previn. Photo: Times Newspapers/Shutterstock

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“I saw that the Emmys posted a photo of me ‘In Memoriam’ rather than the intended Andre Previn,” Slatkin wrote on Twitter. “Andre deserved better. I had the opportunity to introduce him when he received the @KCHonors.”

He added: “Perhaps he was paying me back for a couple stories I told about him. Andre, R.I.P.”

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On Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the host interviewed Slatkin live from Ireland, asking him, “Are you dead right now?”

“Some people might wish that,” Slatkin joked, adding, “I was really quite shocked to learn that in giving their best to Andre Previn they ended up giving their worst to me.”

Slatkin also said that he received a “flood of messages” from worried friends, “and I kept wondering, why are they sending me messages if they think I’m gone?”

After picking up on the mistake, the Television Academy released a statement of apology. “The producers for the 71st Emmy Awards, the Television Academy and Fox sincerely apologize for this error,” the statement reads. “All In Memoriam mentions on the Television Academy’s website feature accurate imagery for Mr. Previn.”

The Oscars made a similar mistake in 2017, when they showed a photo of producer Jan Chapman — who is alive — while memorializing costume designer Janet Patterson, who passed away in 2016.

Previn is best known for his work on “My Fair Lady” and “Gigi”, which won him four Oscars and eight Grammys.

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