Karen Gillan Totally Owns Ryan Reynolds In Battle For Fantasy Football Supremacy

Fantasy football is serious business — even for celebrities.

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The account for AGBO tweeted out its congratulations to Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Ryan Reynolds for rising to the top of their Superhero Fantasy Football Charity League.

Pratt responded by expressing how “humbled” he was, but…

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In response, Reynolds tweeted out a thinly veiled challenge to find out just how “desperate” Pratt is to win their fantasy football league.

On Thursday, Karen Gillan went head-to-head with Reynolds in the fantasy league, and in a video the actress posted, she goes out to a store to buy a superhero figurine and burn it with the message, “F**k you, Reynolds.”

The only problem is, the figuring she actually burned was Spider-Man, which prompted Reynolds to say that they owed Tom Holland an apology. And while Gillan agreed, she still managed to take another dig at Reynolds and his role in “Detective Pikachu”.

The fantasy league was created by AGBO co-founder and “Avengers: Endgame” director Joe Russo.

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