Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage continues to choose roles the way only Nicolas Cage can.

Cage will next play a man on a quest to rescue his kidnapped pig.

Collider confirms the actor’s next project is the independent film “Pig” written and directed by Michael Sarnoski. The movie will see Cage play “a truffle hunter who lives alone in the wilderness of Oregon with his beloved foraging pig. When the pig is kidnapped, he must journey into Portland—and his long-abandoned past—to recover her.”

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The film, which also co-stars “Hereditary” actor Alex Wolff, began production last week.

The actor has chosen a string of off-beat roles as of late, including winning critics and viewers over with his wild and bloody turn in “Mandy”, playing a murderous patriarch in “Mom And Dad”,  and the upcoming “Primal”, in which he plays a big-game hunter.

Cage was in Toronto for the premiere of “Color Out Of Space” at TIFF earlier this month sporting longer hair and a shaggy beard for his “Pig” role.