Ellen DeGeneres Opens Up About Neck Injury, But Has ‘No Idea’ How She Hurt It

Ellen DeGeneres is getting real about a neck injury.

After walking out on crutches during Tuesday’s show, before quickly tossing them aside, the comedian says her mysterious injury is not getting any better.

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“I thought, well, if I just ignore it, it would go away, like a toothache or global warming…” she joked on Wednesday’s episode, while in a fake arm cast.

And after asking her studio audience if they’d like to know how she hurt her neck, without missing a beat, she added, “So do I. I have no idea.”

DeGeneres went on to explain that she woke up feeling “fit as a fiddle” but things quickly took a turn for the worst when she “went to turn my head, and then my neck disagreed with that situation.”

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She added, “It just seized up and then I felt like there was a rod going down my back.”

But DeGeneres has already seen a doctor, “He said my feet don’t point in the right direction, one leg is longer than the other, my shoulders are humped, my hips are uneven… basically, he said nothing about me is straight.”

She said, “I don’t need to pay you $175 to hear that!”

In all seriousness though, DeGeneres added: “We don’t realize, though, how fragile our bodies are.”


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