“The Big Lebowski” is getting a sequel, and fans are finally getting their first glimpse at the new film.

This week, an Italian teaser was released for “The Jesus Rolls”, which brings back John Turturro’s iconic bowler Jesus Quintana from the Coen Brothers’ original.

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As well as being a sequel to “Lebowski”, the new film is also a loose retelling of the 1974 French comedy “Going Places”.

In the film, Jesus is released from prison and gets together with new characters, played by Bobby Cannavale and Audrey Tautou, only to make an enemy of a violent hairdresser, played by Jon Hamm.

Turturro wrote and directed the film without the involvement of the Coen Brothers, though he received their blessing to revive the character.

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The film also stars Christopher Walken and Susan Sarandon.

Filmed back in 2016, “The Jesus Rolls” is expected to be released in North America in 2020 but will hit Italian theatres next month.