Donald Sutherland voiced his opinion on climate change during an appearance at the San Sebastian Film Festival Thursday.

According to Variety, Sutherland, 84, insisted, “The attitude at the UN is bulls**t.

“I have children, I have grandchildren, and the world that I have left them, and am going to leave them, is not one they’ll be able to live in.”

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The Canadian actor, who has been promoting his latest flick “The Burnt Orange Heresy”, continued: “[In China] individuals now have to pollinate flowers because there are no more bees. When you’re driving your car, there are no more bugs on your windscreen. We’ve lost 2.5 billion birds. That’s what we should be talking about!”

Sutherland also said he took on the role in “The Hunger Games” because “I thought it could energize the youth of the United States and politicize them – revolutionize them, maybe.

“It didn’t, but it had a shot.”

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Sutherland’s tell-all interview also saw him discuss the moment he contracted spinal meningitis before falling into a coma while shooting the 1970 film “Kelly’s Heroes”.

He shared, “I had that out-of-body experience where you watch your body go down this blue tunnel. I was lying in my coma in the bed in the hospital but I could still hear. And I heard the producers dictating a telegram to my then-wife telling her not to come, and that they would ship the body home.

“If you’re ever with anyone in a coma, talk to them. They can hear you.”