Anna Faris Tells Lilly Singh About Her Parents’ ‘Effective’ Strategy To Keep Her A Virgin

Anna Faris’ parents had quite a unique way of making sure she never had sex in high school.

Appearing on Global’s “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”, the actress shared her parents’ strategy, which involved unwieldy braces.

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“They’re not very religious people, but for whatever reason they really wanted me to be a virgin,” Faris said. “I had a bunch of dental gear. It started with retainers, then it went to braces, then headgear, and it just lasted for years.”

She continued, “This kid I had a crush on called me once and I was so excited he called. He was like, ‘Hey do you still have your braces?’ and I was like ‘Yeah, I do.'”

Faris actually applauded her parents for their effort, telling Singh, “It’s a brilliant strategy.”

Meanwhile, Singh offered her own very different experience with her own parents.

“My culture was different,” she said. “We didn’t have the sex talk, I’ve never seen my parents kiss, I’ve never seen them hold hands. Sex is very taboo, so I think they just assumed I would be a virgin right up until the moment I had kids.”

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Faris added, “I just think my parents’ strategy was effective.”

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