The Queen Of The North is ready to judge Canadian queens on “Canada’s Drag Race”.

Handpicked by RuPaul, Brooke Lynn Hytes will serve as judge on “Canada’s Drag Race”, alongside guest judge Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and model Stacey McKenzie, who will decide who gets to stay and werk and who will sashay away.

Hytes is making history by becoming the first “Drag Race” alum to be a permanent franchise judge.

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ET Canada Pride’s Stephen Krajinovic sat down with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Hytes at the Elevate Tech Festival in Toronto on Thursday, to get the Queen of the North to dish on being on the other side of the catwalk in Canada.

“What kind of judge are you going to be on ‘Canada’s Drag Race’?” Krajinovic asks.

“I don’t know what kind of judge I’m going to be yet,” she replies. “I think I’m gonna wanna be tough but the Canadian is going to creep out.”

She adds that she’ll likely be “part Paul, part Simon” referencing Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

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“But I’m not sure yet,” she says. “I’m gonna be myself, I’m gonna be honest. I can understand what they’re going through a little bit.”

Expect Hytes to bring some of the lessons she learned on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to her new gig.

“It’s okay to let go and have fun. I take myself very seriously, especially in competition mode,” she says of the biggest lessons she learned while on the show. “I learned to kind of laugh things off a little more. You have to have fun or what’s the point of it.”

In addition to her learnings from the show, the proud Canadian is definitely ready to share more of the country’s culture on “Canada’s Drag Race”.

“I love who we are as a people. I love how loved we are the world over,” she explains. “They way we embrace different cultures is a big thing for me.”