RuPaul Gives Helen Mirren The Best Drag Name During ‘Graham Norton’ Interview

RuPaul gives Helen Mirren an appropriate drag name during Friday’s “Graham Norton Show”.

The “Drag Race” star, 58, calls the much-loved actress, 74, “Sir Lady Cheek Bones”, while telling fellow guest Jack Whitehall he would be called “Jackie Black Ball.”

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Mirren talks about her drag experiences during her interview, telling Norton: “There’s a real historic tradition of drag in London and I was growing up and first came to London on a Friday night there was often a drag show.

“There is a very famous drag pub – the Vauxhall Tavern – and when I first got together with my husband he had two young sons.

“I thought it would show these two young Californian boys something of the real London, so I took them to the Vauxhall Tavern.”

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“These poor kids were slightly in shock but they certainly remember it as being very cool. It was cool, and I love my London.”

RuPaul also insists he is the world’s most famous drag queen during the chat, saying: “I haven’t worked 37 years just to be A drag queen!”

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