Colin Jost And Michael Che Have A Joke-Off With Jimmy Fallon

Colin Jost and Michael Che are good with a joke but who is best?

The two stars of Global’s “Saturday Night Live” appeared on Thursday’s “The Tonight Show” where they joined host Jimmy Fallon for a joke-off.

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The segment starts with Jost and Che interrupting Fallon’s monologue to improve on his joke about a Seattle coffee shop that only employs very buff, shirtless men.

“Best part is,” Fallon jokes, “You can order your coffee tall, grande, or ‘Magic Mike XXL’.”

Offering his own punchline, Jost jokes, “It costs three bucks for a coffee. But 50 bucks for them to grind your bean.”

“Trust me,” Che adds, “You don’t want to see how they draw a heart in your foam.”

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The trio quickly get to other topics, including an alcohol company introducing a marijuana beverage.

“All marijuana is drinkable when the cops pull you over,” Jost jokes.

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