Neil Young and Crazy Horse are in love with Planet Earth.

It’s a feeling the legendary Canadian rocker and his longtime band hope that is shared by the rest of the planet’s residents, which is the message of a new instrumental piece that Young, 73, shared on YouTube.

In the video accompanying the instrumental, clouds slowly spell out, “Earth: the only planet we have found so far… that has air.”

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Similar messages slowly emerged, pointing out that Earth is also the only planet humanity knows of that has “water coming outta the ground (or anywhere!)” along with “wondrous whimsical creatures.”

“Earth,” the final message reads, “the only planet in the universe we have found so far… that has life.”

The message concludes, “Love life.”

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Young makes his point in a brief message accompanying the video, writing, “a little love letter XoX n & d,” along with the hashtages #lovelife, #protectwhatyoulove, #climatestrike and #fridaysfortune.

Young concludes by writing, “Earth — where we live so far… so good…”

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