Mark Hamill Calls Ivanka Trump Out For ‘Fraud’ In Epic Twitter Slam

Don’t mess with a Jedi.

Over the weekend, Ivanka Trump shared a family photo on Twitter, with one of her sons dressed as a “Star Wars” stormtrooper, and a caption referencing the mystical Force.

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“Star Wars” star Mark Hamill wasn’t having any of it, though, issuing an epic slam on Twitter:

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Some on Twitter thought Hamill went too far, pointing out that the subject of Trump’s tweet was a child.

Others defended Hamill, though.

Hamill issued a followup tweet to make it clear that, despite the complaints of Trump supporters, he bears no ill will toward the little stormtrooper, retweeting a fan’s message reading, “Forget the parents… this kid rocks.”

“Agreed,” wrote Hamill.

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