Sienna Miller is opening up about her past in the new issue of ELLE UK, including her relationship with Jude Law and her Harvey Weinstein experience.

Detailing an encounter with the Miramax exec circa 2006, the then-24-year-old recalls: “He called me into his office – he had just bought ‘Factory Girl’. He sat me down, stood up, and said, ‘You’re not partying anymore.’ It felt like a paternal lecture. He slammed the door and I burst into tears.”

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Though she didn’t see the worst of Weinstein, Miller, 37, says the #MeToo movement is an “essential” moment in time.

“Women have been undermined and undervalued. That this is happening is essential,” the “American Woman” actress adds.

Miller is also dishing on her past romance with Law, whom she met on the set of the 2004 remake “Alfie”. The pair parted ways in 2011. Their on-again/off-again relationship and eventual engagement made headlines, with Law admitting to cheating on his fiancee with the former nanny of his children with ex-wife Sadie Frost. Miller, too, had an affair with Daniel Craig, a friend of Law and her “Layer Cake” co-star. The details of the affair were revealed in a phone-hacking scandal in 2014.

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Despite the tabloid attention, Miller now says, “I fell in love with someone very famous and that became the story – it was bad timing. I had an amazing time, but it would have been nice if that hadn’t happened before I was known for something else. It was a battle to be seen as something else.”

ELLE UK/ Cass Bird
ELLE UK/ Cass Bird

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With that relationship behind her, Miller admits she still has a contentious relationship with the paparazzi, especially when she’s with her daughter, Marlowe, 7, whom she shares with her ex, Tom Sturridge.

“I’ll be walking my child to school and they’ll take photos, which is enraging,” she says. “[But] they’re quite… I don’t want to say respectful, because I find it an incredibly disrespectful profession, but they’re not in our faces. I just try to ignore it.”

The November issue of ELLE UK with Miller on the cover is on sale October 3.

ELLE UK/ Cass Bird
ELLE UK/ Cass Bird