Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Michelle Pfeiffer Talk ‘Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil’: ‘This Film Has Strong People Across The Board’

It’s been five long years, but how could we ever forget that the original “Maleficent” starring Angelina Jolie grossed over $750 million worldwide.

Next month comes the sequel, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”, with Jolie reprising her role as the Disney villain along with Elle Fanning, who’s back as the ethereal Princess Aurora. To top it all off, Michelle Pfeiffer has joined the cast as Jolie’s royal rival.

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So what’s this movie experience like for their kids? You would think it might be weird to have “Mistress of Evil” as your mom right?

While chatting with ET Canada’s Roz Weston in Los Angeles, Jolie and Pfeiffer reveal if their children felt like the film was ruined for them while visiting their mothers on set.

“They don’t know anything really. I mean typically they aren’t on the set they don’t read our scripts,” Pfeiffer says.

“Mine were around. They know everything,” Jolie admits. “I think my daughter to be honest, my daughter Viv who was Aurora in the first movie little, is still slightly upset with me that I put her as a princess.”

“Of course it’s bizarre when you walk around with horns on and things and tell your children ‘I’m going to work now’,” the 44-year-old actress hilariously adds.


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Their new film is packed full of action scenes, and it’s safe to say that the idea of Jolie and Pfeiffer actress battling it out on the big screen is super exciting for movie buffs, but as it turns out, also for the actresses.

“I don’t know but I was so excited to, they just sent me the script and these two obviously were already involved and I was thrilled and delighted,” the 61-year-old “The Wizard Of Lies” star says.

“I think also sometimes there’s a film, often times there are films where there’s a great role for one person,” Jolie adds. “The film kind of centres around that and people support that person, maybe two people, but rarely, or maybe things are changing I don’t know, but this film does have formidable parodies and strong people across the board.”

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With all of this battling in “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” and Pfeiffer’s roles in multiple Marvel movies, fans couldn’t help but wonder if the actress would consider reprising her role as Catwoman.

“That would be fun,” Pfeiffer says. “Loved, loved playing that character and I felt like I was just finding my groove when it ended.”

Check out our full interview with the cast below.

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