James Corden issued a challenge to Christian Slater: Pick a “Heathers” co-star out of a lineup more 30 years after filming the high school black comedy.

Corden wasn’t about to make it easy for the “Mr. Robot” star. It’s not Winona Ryder. Nor is it Shannen Doherty. Instead, it’s Chuck Lafont, a minor actor who played the role of Officer Milner, the cop who investigates gunshots in the woods and stumbles upon Slater’s J.D. and Ryder’s Veronica Sawyer making out in a car.

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“Oh, boy,” Slater remarks after Corden lays out the game, playing a clip from the movie that only audiences can see. “I’m nervous for you,” fellow guest Kaitlyn Dever says.

Corden then introduces a lineup of five men dressed as police officers as Slater laughs.

“You shot together over three days. Police Officer Milner says that you got along really well. He remembers you having your dog on set. You all had a prom-themed wrap party and he even danced with Winona Ryder,” Corden says, reading the actor’s memories of the “Heathers” shoot.

The late-night host then has the five actors deliver Milner’s line in the movie, allowing Slater and Dever to rule out suspects before making their guess.

Watch the video above to see if Slater can spot his “Heathers” co-star from more than 30 years ago.